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Why EmpowerHER?

We strongly believe in the power of personal growth and professional development and understand the delicate balance between juggling challenges. Personally, we have experienced exhaustion, stress, overwhelm, and anxiety and we put ourselves at the bottom of the to-do list.  These challenges have inspired us to create this EmpowerHER community and share valuable lessons we've learned along the way.

And that's why we are here to encourage you to take heart: we've emerged from our journeys equipped with ways that have helped us manage our relationship with self-care and anxiety in ways that are no has us no longer putting ourselves last.  And we want to share them with you. 

Who are we?

Hello! We are Bronwyn Clee and Kathleen O'Keeffe, EmpowerHER health and wellbeing coaches with a strong focus on self-care. We created this community based on experience and feedback within our individual client practice as well as collectively across our communities. We are both passionate about emotional health and life long learning. You can read a bit more about us here

Who Are We

Our Approach

There is not a single thing we will ask of you that we haven't already asked of ourselves. All of our ways are tried and true. Living with anxiety requires change to belief systems and that's not a task that's necessarily easily done on your own. We know, we've been there, done that, and come from first hand experience. Having support to wade through what can be decades of unquestioned beliefs can be confronting and enlightening all at the same time. Whereas having someone on the journey with you opens up space for some safe reflection and considerations. Sound too good to be true? Well it isn't!

We are not for a minute suggesting this is a step-by-step, straightforward process. Deep healing rarely ever is. So rest assured, there is no painting by numbers here.That's why we don't want you doing it on your own.


So if you want to achieve sustainable change (which you can), and you're prepared to do the work (which you can), then join us, for what could be some of the most life changing experiences you've ever had. 

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