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Bronwyn Clee CEO


A message from the Founding Director

The Institute of Hope was established to facilitate sustainable change for individuals, organisations and communities. 

Our approach is innovative and designed to help rebalance relationships with self and others.  Our focus is on reigniting hope by fostering self worth and confidence through understanding the importance of self care.


We acknowledge that people already have many of the resources they need. Our approach is heart centred and our aim is simply to work with people where they are at and help them bridge their own personal and professional gaps.


We believe that strengthening individual’s foundation is the key to success as it provides a fertile ground for the seeds of hope to flourish.


“When we have authentic conversations and take appropriate actions, this ensures genuine sustainable change.”

Janelle Nicole Sigley

Founding Director

The Institute of Hope (IOH)


A message from the CEO Bronwyn Clee

Continuing to develop IOH after Janelle's death was bittersweet. So many times I questioned whether or not I was on the right track or whether I had deviated away from what we had originally agreed to. But every time I come back to the “When we have authentic conversations and take appropriate actions, this ensures genuine sustainable change.” I remind myself that this is what I endeavour to do on a daily basis. 

In 2019, IOH is consortium of consultants, coaches, activists and trainers that I work with in a variety of ways. This trusted tribe are spread across our nation and while we haven't ever all been in the one room, we know each other well enough to know that our shared values and principles to keep showing up, having authentic conversations and doing what we can to contribute to the greater good of all, is the glue that holds us together. 

As I go deeper into capacity building across communities, I am reminded that no matter what I do, whether it's facilitating restorative processes, coaching/counselling//mentoring, teaching protective behaviours or strategy development, it's all about value adding from a position of gratitude. 

Love Bron x

Our consortium of Changemakers:​

We are a collective of conscious consultants committed to helping you make sense of your story by breaking down barriers to self care. Some of us work with individuals, while others work directly with businesses, organisations and governments.  We are located across Australia with Changemakers in Darwin, Cairns, and Adelaide. Regardless to who or where we work, our strong connecting thread is our belief that self care must come first. And we are all still in the process of mastering that ourselves!


Transpersonal Coach Consultant

Michelle Bailey is a certified Inspired Spirit Coach and transpersonal counsellor  highly trained in the specialised and empowering field of life coaching.

Read more here


Health and Wellbeing Coach/ Consultant 

Kathleen has extensive experience as a coach/consultant,  yoga teacher, workshop facilitator and bodyworker. Read more here


Wellbeing Activist

Renee Lalor is a wellbeing activist, consultant and busy mumpreneur committed to holistic health and wellbeing. Read more here


Public Speaker + People Upcycler

Megan Bayliss

Megan Bayliss teaches and key-note speaks on sustainability, upcycling people and recycled single use plastic craft. Read more here

Screenshot 2019-03-16 13.32.04.png

Psychologist, Counsellor, EFT 

Dr Marg Lambert

Marg is a registered psychologist, author and speaker, currently undertaking PhD research on evaluating the effects of using EFT for anxiety in primary school children in Darwin, schools. Read more here

Screenshot 2019-03-16 14.11.07.png

Intuitive Artist Graphic Designer

Kristen Johnson

Kristen Johnson is an intuitive artist and graphic designer committed to making a conscious effort to learning and teaching how to let go, break old rules and make room for new ones and allow time to discover what you love to do.

Read more here

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